What is PurityQuest.net?

PurityQuest.net is a Christian website for any and all individuals who desire to honor God with a pure heart and lifestyle. This site provides a range of information to assist in this endeavor including pertinent Bible Scriptures, personal experiences, detailed explanations, tips/suggestions, and multimedia resources. As you will see, purity is multifaceted and so it is thoroughly examined in both a general sense as well as specifically in five overlapping areas: spiritual purity, mental purity, verbal purity, physical purity, and sexual purity.


PurityQuest.net serves multiple purposes:

  • To provide support and encouragement for individuals struggling to live a pure Christian lifestyle.
  • To function as an educational resource for sexual abstinence.
  • To present examples of individuals who are successfully “walking the walk” to illustrate this goal can actually be achieved.
  • To counter society’s false assertion that everyone will be sexually active.
  • To counter society’s false assertion that promiscuity is acceptable because contraception and abortions are available.
  • To address sensitive subjects such as premarital sex, homosexuality, and masturbation from a biblical perspective.
  • To provide answers to critical questions about Christianity and purity.
  • To illustrate the benefits of living life the way God intended such as avoiding STDs, emotional distress, unplanned pregnancies, suicidal thoughts and actions, medical problems, fatalities, and ultimately eternal destruction. Happiness, health, favor, blessings, and life are among the benefits of obeying God.


“Dying to Sin and Living for Christ Every Single Day”

The PurityQuest motto sums up our overall objective, which is to be purified from all sin, and dedicate our lives as living sacrifices to God through a consistent Christian lifestyle.


It is the obligation of a Christian to maintain a pure lifestyle because Christians represent Christ by following the example that He set for us. In order to accurately represent Christ we cannot pick and choose which of God’s commandments we will follow; we must follow them all. After making the choice to renounce our sinfulness and accept God’s free gift of salvation through Christ Jesus (the wisest decision of our lives) we each set off on a journey to learn how to think, talk, act, and live in a way that is wholly pleasing to God. Along this journey we will stumble and perhaps fall, however, we are relentless in our pursuit of Christ and never use failure as an excuse to return to a sinful lifestyle. On the contrary, failure is a great teacher; poor choices can foster wisdom. If we can learn from our failures and improve (and do the same from observing the failures of others) we do ourselves a great service. With each passing day we should be learning how to successfully avoid the sinful pitfalls we encounter. It is my goal to assist in this area.


I had recently moved away from my family and church to pursue an excellent career opportunity. One night I was sitting alone on my couch in a very somber mood. I began asking God, “Why? Why do I have to wait so long? Why do I have to continue on this path alone? When will I finally meet my wife to be and finally get to have sex?” My answer came almost immediately: “Perhaps it’s not all about you. Consider what you’ve gone through and what you’ve learned from the poor choices you’ve made. Maybe you’ve endured these challenges so you can help others avoid those same poor choices.”

This was a profound revelation that I immediately took to heart . Now that I knew what to do I spent the next few days trying to figure out the how to do it. I imagined the perfect forum for helping people would be a church setting before a large youth group. I could then talk to them about my goals, successes, struggles, and failures and help guide them on the right path. But I was new to the area. What church would pull together a seminar for their youth at the mere request of an unknown individual?

What happened next was nothing short of Divine. The next Sunday I went to a church and noticed an ad in the bulletin for a Purity Conference! I was astonished. The pastor explained the details during the announcements and it was exactly what I had imagined. I introduced myself to him after service, told him my story, and expressed my interest in the conference. He was gracious enough to put me in touch with the individuals who were running it to see how I could help. The conference was a success. It was split into 2 days and more than 300 people attended. I was able to speak to the crowds on both days sharing my story and giving advice to the students. The results were phenomenal. I got responses from students who were still virgins and were struggling to remain pure, who thanked me for the encouragement. And I got responses from students who were previously living a promiscuous lifestyle, but renewed their faith and were now focused on abstaining from sex until marriage!

It was such an honor and blessing to be used by the Lord that I knew I needed to continue. All throughout the week leading up to the conference I was formulating my plan to build a website. I thought it would have been great to end the conference by saying “if you need more information just go to my website…” Two days at a conference is great but what about the following week, or the following month? What if someone needed help and encouragement and couldn’t find an adequate resource? I was determined to provide a solution for them. Shortly after, PurityQuest.net was born, and I’ve been honored and humbled to provide counseling to people all over the world every since.